Pedro Barreiro was born in Santarém, Portugal, in 1987. He studied at the Faculty of Law of the University of Lisbon between 2005 and 2007, year when he started his degree in Theater at the Superior School of Theater and Cinema (ESTC) of the University of Lisbon. He completed his degree in 2010, departing that year to São Paulo, Brazil, where he attended the Performing Arts, Fine Arts and Communication courses at the School of Communications and Arts (ECA) at the University of São Paulo (USP), having obtained, in 2016, the masters degree in Performing Arts. In 2014 he taught performative theatre in the thestre direction department of SP - Escola de Teatro, in São Paulo. He was a fellow of the III Edition of the INOV- Art Program (Portugal Ministry of Culture), in 2011, through which he started his fruitful relationship with Mauricio Paroni de Castro. Since 2008, he has been developing several works as a director, actor, theatre and performance maker, dramaturgist and producer, in the fields of theater and performance. He has been interested, among other things, about thinking about performative acts as poetic generators and experimenting with the conventions that constitute theatrical forms. He was artistic director and programmer of Teatro Sá da Bandeira, in Santarém – Portugal, from 2015 to 2017, programming and supporting a large part of the new generation of portuguese artists of dance, theater, performance and music, as well as works by new artists from Germany, Greece, Spain, Italy, Japan and Brazil. He is the founder of the collectives Sr. João (2010) and Activo Tóxico (2017). He is currently the programmer of Rua das Gaivotas 6, in Lisbon, in a collaboration with Teatro Praga, and is an associated artist of the theatre company Cão Solteiro.