The Anguish of this Argument

2010 | Satyros 1, São Paulo – Brasil

"Between delicacies and slow dancing, we discuss the logic of the myth and the power of the spectator. And, as if partying is the last hope for igniting the will, we search among the ruins for the remain hero. Activating the revolutionary memory of those who never made a revolution, we build one in our image and leave what remains to the others. This is a show that has already been sold, that has already surrendered to the capital and, because of that, needs all of your love. Like they sing in the portuguese popular songs, we try to convince the beloved to accept the heavy inheritance of a life that is not recommended. And, as grandma Maria says, less parades and more molotov cocktails!"

Created by Óscar Silva, Nuno Leão, Pedro Barreiro and Ricardo B. Marques | Performed by Óscar Silva, Maria de Oliveira, Pedro Barreiro and Ricardo B. Marques | Music: espinalMedula and Luís de Freitas Branco | Light design: Bruno Santos | Costumes and props: Silvana Ivaldi | Graphic design: Elias Taño | Production: Isabel Martins e Silvana Ivaldi | Support: APIC – Associação Portuguesa dos Industriais de Carne, Garrido – Artes Gráficas, Palco Oriental, Teatro Praga | Acknowledgements: João Jorge Meirim and Rui Barreiro.