Acting Club

2019 | Cine-Teatro Rogério Venâncio, Minde – Portugal

"Relational performance about theatrical representation. Two people were selected, through open-call, to participate with Pedro Barreiro and Silvana Ivaldi in this performance based on the intimate motivations of the participants."

Concept, direction and damaturgy by Pedro Barreiro and Silvana Ivaldi. Performed by Cláudia Tomás, Francisco Neves, Pedro Barreiro e Silvana Ivaldi. Performance made in the scope of the project “Estudo de Materiais (ou Anacronias Gerais)” ["Material Studies (or General Anachronies)”], by the collective Sr. João. Technical support: Gi Carvalho and Rui Venâncio | Photos: Aline Macedo | Video: Afonso Brito | Production: Maria Albergaria | Coproduction: Materiais Diversos | Support: GDA Foundation | Acknowledgements: Casa do Povo de Minde, Rui Venâncio, José Pedro Menezes e Xaral’s Dixie