Antithesis, Anti-ethics, Antibiotic

2010 | Associação Juvenil Saliências, Águeda – Portugal
2009 | Casa de Pedrógão Grande, Lisboa – Portugal
2009 | Teatro Sá da Bandeira, Santarém – Portugal

"I am nowhere. I put myself in the place of loneliness and anonymity. The deceptive coordinates of the self are determined by the distance between a body and another body canceling each other out in isolation. But as they progress, decided to move closer, no existence can continue to be denied. The matter moves in the urgency to communicate and the direction of that effort is only one, up to the point of contact. It is in sweat that they meet. And what results from this meeting are extreme contractions of sincerity. It is no longer possible to split between what we were taught to think and what we were forbidden to feel."

Text and direction: Pedro Barreiro | Performed by: Ana Cris, Estêvão Antunes and Óscar Silva | Costumes: Silvana Ivaldi | Production: Isabel Martins and Silvana Ivaldi | Acknowledgements: Graça Melo, Aires Henriques, Rui Barreiro, Paula Barreiro, Marco Diniz, Bruno Abreu, Ery Torres, Francisco Tavares, Inês Pereira, Joana de Verona and Pedro Sousa