2011 | Satyros 1, São Paulo – Brasil

"It almost seems to us that there is always a land yet to be discovered, promised as a reward. A land without divisions, without borders, a world so full of beauty, of strangely interesting, disturbing, fearful and divine things. And in the middle of this that always seems to be ahead of us, when we look more closely, we see a huge catwalk made of shit, jammed with peacocks parading. However, and without much logical or scientific explanation, behold, despite what we know to be seeing, an overwhelming possibility arises unquestionably: right now, you can be in love with me, you could have fall in love with me since this show started. But I do not know. And right now, I can be in love with you. But you will never know. Here we share something so strong that it overrides the need to get to know each other."

Created and performed by Pedro Barreiro e Silvana Ivaldi | Special participation: Rafael Mendes | Video: Danilo Amaral | Photos: Natália Lima Castro | Acknowledgements: Gonçalo de Azevedo Mendonça, Ivam Cabral and Rodolfo Garcia Vasquez