Ó Bibi, apita aqui!

2019 | CNEMA, Santarém – Portugal

"Partially fictionalized fraternization in the form of an abundant meal of Bacchic worship, with musical moments, poetic invocations, meat, cheese and wine tasting."

Created by Pedro Barreiro, Ricardo B. Marques and Silvana Ivaldi in the scope of the project “Estudo de Materiais (ou Anacronias Gerais)” ["Material Studies (or General Anachronies)”], by the collective Sr. João. Photos: Aline Macedo | Video: Afonso Brito | Accordionist: Francisco Martins | Production: Maria Albergaria | Coproduction: Materiais Diversos | Support: GDA Foundation | Acknowledgements: Mata Queimada Wines and Varanda do Parque Restaurant