fundamental prelude for after the fall of the empire

2015 | Ocupação #1, Fátima - Portugal

"Is it possible, the poetic error? The disguise of the domain of subtleties evidenced at each moment by good fortune or the pleasant violation of the predicative logic? Rarefied language. Folklore to celebrate or to complain in a space conventionally occupied for indeterminate purposes. Here, everything we do is done in memoriam. What if the mermaids also cried for those who goes to the sea? All my dreams are your dreams. Anti-commodity for indoor consumption. Go west. Burn your boats. The purpose of the show as the fundamental motif for the inevitability of poetry. Fundamental prelude for after the falling of the empire. Possible compendium to survive. We are all looking for the same: shelter, prosperity and redemption."

Concept and performance by Pedro Barreiro | Acknowledgements: Joana Peralta, Rodrigo Pereira and Silvana Ivaldi