Tool Box

2012 | Satyros 1, São Paulo – Brasil

"This project proposed the weekly presentation of a performance by each one of the elements of Sr. João. Tool Box was an experimental project whose presentations should not be seen as a show, but as a material capable of being developed and explored. The audience played an important role because when coming into contact with this work, they were also being participative in the path that the artists took to reach certain results. This was the main trigger of TRAUMATHEATRE."

Created, performed and curated by: Óscar Silva, Pedro Barreiro, Ricardo B. Marques e Silvana Ivaldi _ Sr. João | Acknowledgements: Mauricio Paroni de Castro, Sylvia Soares, Rodolfo Garcia Vásquez, Helena Magon, Thais Simi and Luísa Renaux