2012 | Teatro de Narradores, São Paulo – Brasil

"After the accumulating of a number of situations that placed each element of this collective of artists [Sr. João] in conflict, the crisis settled deeply. The moment was one of personal and artistic rupture and a radical decision had to be made: to do group therapy and create a theater show from it. On stage, between diagnoses and treatments, the actors seek solutions to allay their anxieties. They use group hugs, group therapy sessions, psychoanalysis, remedies, alignement of the chakras, aromatherapy, confidence games and other exercises more or less ridiculous. TRAUMATHEATRE is not just a show about a group on the verge of collapse. It is also the creation of a place where the viewer is part of our healing, being the only one that can legitimize our sanity. The asphyxiation that is the show also creates trauma for those who watch it, as a disease that spreads from the actors to the public.”"

Created and performed by Óscar Silva, Pedro Barreiro, Ricardo B. Marques and Silvana Ivaldi _ Sr. João | Acknowledgements: Alvise Camozzi, Letícia Simões, Mauricio Paroni de Castro and Sylvia Soares