an absolute show

2014 | Companhia do Feijão, São Paulo - Brasil

"So I resign as an emigrant to assume the condition of conqueror from now on. This achievement is not surprising nor did I expect it to be. I am willing to receive any and all retaliation related to this act. But, since I am now a conqueror, I remember that the persecutions to this new state of my life - either motivated for defense of the homeland or for ideological antithesis - can motivate less good consequences for those who try to punish me. Over the years I have been looking for the best way to solve all our problems and now I conclude that this dismissal will only bring positive things to both of us: my dream and your greatness. For all this, I end this comedy with a sentence dedicated to all those who were once instructed by other conquerors: bonis nocet qui malis parcit."

Created and performed by: Óscar Silva, Pedro Barreiro, Ricardo Silva e Silvana Ivaldi _ Sr. João | Light and sound operation: Rodrigo Rodrigues Pereira | Photos: Leekyung Kim | Acknowledgements: Jorge Louraço Figueira, Pedro Pires and Vera Lamy